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Catch Coach

This product is under development - the video features the current prototype. The idea is to adjust the handle saddle (fore/aft and height) for each individual rower that corresponds to the correct body position at the catch (shins perpendicular, 10 degree pivot at the hip, arms straight, hands up). In use the athlete is coached not to start the slide on the recovery until the handle is in the saddle - having achieved full body prep. The way I coach the drive is to hang and hold the back while the legs initiate. With this device the handle should stay in the saddle until the point where the back is added in.


Attaching this to the C2 is pretty simple. We will have a fairly unobtrusive thin mounting plate that will sandwich between the seat top and carriage using the existing fasteners. The rig will affix to this plate - 'on-and-off' in moments. Leave the plate on a designated erg and use the 'Catch Coach' when needed.


Please email ( your comments and interest level. Guessing this will be a $150-$200 item.

Catch Coach

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