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Dockside Rowing Station

Our Dockside Coaching Station guarantees correct pulling geometry and offers hands-on coaching – rather than coaching from a launch.  It’s an excellent tool for novice and experienced rowers and has proven to be invaluable for working with adaptive athletes.  Height adjustable, it can match any dock – and uses C2 adjustable foot clogs and oarlocks.

The ease with which our coaching station switches from port to starboard is remarkable, as is the installation and removal from your dock.  To switch from port to starboard, the knobs can be loosened by hand and then, the arm will pivot 180 degrees.  It’s simple and fast, as is switching the station for use as either a sculling or sweep rowing station.

The mounting plates required to secure the station to your dock are only ½” tall – and are barely noticeable, once the station has been removed.  And as with all Piantedosi-designed rigs, this coaching station is simple to use and built to last.


Base Dockside Unit                                 $595

Sweep Rigger                                           $150

Scull Rigger                                               $150

Base Unit, Sweep and Scull Riggers     $850


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