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The base of the OarMaster is a ladder frame constructed by connecting two flanged rails. These rails are formed of hard coat anodized 6061 aluminum extruded from our own custom die. Incorporated into the structural shape are radiused longitudinal tracks. These tracks accept our custom screw-machined delrin sheaves mounted on the same stainless steel ball bearings found on all our rigs. The sliding seat is fitted with six such wheels in our time tested design of four load bearing and two captive wheels. The result is a smooth, quiet, and effortless ride.


We further construct a stretcher box and pan off of the stern of the ladder frame. We punch, form, and weld .090 6061 aluminum sheet stock to produce a simple, sturdy, and lightweight unit. This structure accepts, without flinching, the power of your leg drive and the tourque imparted by the attached rigger. The stretcher pan is fitted with non-skid padding, comfortable velcro footstraps, and a built-in heel trap. Optional plastic heelcups can be simply attached to prepunched holes.

The rigger is formed from 1.25" OD thin wall drawn seamless 6061 aluminum tubing. We form and weld (certified) this material into a chevroned wing with the triangular geometry that imparts amazing stiffness into a three pound assembly.


The oarlocks are molded of fiberglass reinforced nylon and incorporate an adjustable locking gate. The locks swivel on our own screw-machined stainless steel pins.  This system produces a rigid non-slip fixture fully adjustable for load (spread between oarlocks), fore and aft pitch (for blade control), and height.


The OarMaster is uniquely suited for mounting in Alden singles and doubles. The 'Alden Mounting Kit' is necessary for attaching to the stainless anchors embedded in their hulls. The ladder frame helps distribute the load over a large footprint that will minimize the 'oil-canning' of a soft hull. The Row Wing II also functions well in boats with a narrow cockpit such as a Klepper Kayak. The removable wing rigger sits above the coaming and the ladder frame spreads the weight across the ribs.


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