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We developed the Scout Rig in direct response to feedback generated by the instructors using our Row Wing at the Boy Scouts Aquatic Center. It is a simple, sturdy design built expressly for converting canoes. Especially compared to buying a single use rowing shell it is an economical way to offer sculling to campers and facilitate earning a sliding seat rowing merit badge.


The primary difference between the Scout Rig and the Row Wing is that the Scout Rig has two 'riggers' and is meant to sit on the gunwales of the canoe and support the weight of the rower free and clear of the floor of the canoe. Our legendary monorail, the same as used in the Row Wing, is certainly strong enough to serve as a cantilevered support for the footstretchers. We utilize a 1.25" square 6061 aluminum tube extruded from our own custom die to form the dual riggers. The square shape offers a number of design benefits. For one, the oarlock pin can be bolted directly to the rigger. We use the same fiberglass reinforced nylon oarlock as on our Row Wing and as found on the very best racing shells worldwide. The integral pitch adjustment feature of these locks allow for fine tuning without moving the pin. The square rigger also allows us to implement a simple clamping technique to grab the gunwales of a canoe. A series of square holes are broached along each outboard rigger to accommodate different hull widths. A stainless steel carriage bolt inserts from the top, passes through a clamping bracket, and is tightened by a hand-knob (no tools!). A self adhesive, high coefficient of friction, rubber pad is affixed to the underside of the rigger. This protects your gunwale cap from marring and assists in securing the rig. The dual riggers also allow us to mount the tension stays outboard of the hull.


Our reliable footstretchers are the same as found on the Row Wing. We combine varnished marine mahogany footpads with comfortable velcro straps and plastic heelcups on a fully adjustable track. Our seat rollers are the same six top quality stainless steel ball bearing and delrin assemblies found on the Row Wing. For the Scout Rig we utilize a weather resistant padded vinyl seat for comfort and durability.


Our goal was to produce an economical rig with fewer parts. The Scout Rig is that and much more.


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