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Our SLIDE GUIDE was designed to eliminate inefficient over-compression  that leads to checking down the boat and various kinds of injury and knee pain.  It is an adjustable front stop that is easy to affix to the erg’s monorail (C2 models C,D, and E). No tools are required. The SLIDE GUIDE is set where the athlete achieves the catch position (when shins are perpendicular). Simply slide the guide up against the seat roller and engage the clamping latch. Note the location on the accompanying scale. Once you know your number setting the SLIDE GUIDE will become as automatic as setting the heel height and drag factor.

Proper power application and timing call for the rower’s shins to be perpendicular at the catch. Anything beyond perpendicular is bio-mechanically less powerful, adversely effects catch posture, and may lead to injury. Un-coached rowers tend to over-compress because it may ‘feel’ more powerful.

  • Promotes a disciplined technique when the rower is fatigued.
  • Hitting the front stop is certainly annoying. The SLIDE GUIDE compels rowers to develop some sense of slide control coming to the front end – no more rushing!
  • Prevents the more flexible and less muscled athlete from impacting and injuring their Achilles tendon with the sliding seat.



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