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Our Surf Scull Rig will convert any SUP into a sliding rigger sculling boat. The motion of rowing with a sliding rigger is exactly the same as a sliding seat.


To attach the rig to your board we provide each rig with two mounting kits - one is a simple ratchet strap system that goes around the hull - we suggest you use this system at first to find the correct fore and aft location for your particular board. Once you have found the 'sweet spot' you should switch over to our patented deck mount discs (picture attached). These low profile (3/16") aluminum discs can be bonded or riveted to your hull. We provide the adhesive necessary and the rivets. With an inflatable you obviously would not want to drill holes and use rivets - the adhesive we provide (plexus) is quite strong and sticks to anything. You can bond to the pad or deck material. They are quite unobtrusive and allow quick and easy on and off installation.




SUP Scull Rig

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