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Our policy is to have you place your order online. We will review the items and shipping address and respond with an emailed invoice. The invoice will include an accurate shipping charge. Most rigs ship within the US and Canada via FEDEX ground. Oars are shipped directly from the manufacturer via FEDEX air. International shipments typically ship 'door-to-airport' via DBSchenker. Small items and parts are shipped via US Mail.


We use Quickbooks for our accounting software and you can pay the invoice online through the secure Quickbooks/Intuit portal. We do not have access to your payment information. You can pay online via Credit Card or free bank transfer. It is also your choice to simply mail a check.


We design, build, and race all the rigs we sell. We take pride in the reputation we have earned over five decades as an industry standard. Our guarantee is simple: If at any time you feel as if you have not received your money's worth we will do whatever it takes to make you feel that way - up to and including giving it all back.

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